You will not be alone. While there will be no "officials" (as in timers and judges) as during a race, there will be safety "sweeps" travelling by snowmobile. All support persons and event officials will be clearly identified.

The trail is beautiful but tough! If you have any questions about your ability or the ability of your dogs to complete this run, please contact organizers to discuss this matter. The starting elevation is approximately 970 metres, the elevation of Wells is 1200 metres. Most of the route runs through forest, some of it is on logging roads...some of the roads may be ploughed, only week or so before the Mail Run will we know the final status of the whole route....but your safety and that of the dogs is a priority.

There will be spotters and good signage along the route. Remember that you must plan your equipment carefully, bring snacks for the dogs, dishes to water them, booties if your dogs use them, and make sure that you dress appropriately for the weather. It has not been uncommon for the temperatures to be at least -20C. Experience has shown that basic safety equipment is valuable and even if you don't use it, your sled or backpack will look cool when you come into Wells! See the Recommended/Mandatory Gear section. Remember that really cold weather complicates everything.

Be certain that your dogs have the coats to withstand the cold especially if they will be camping overnight without a dog box. In the event of an emergency and if required, sick or injured dogs will be transported to a veterinary clinic in Quesnel for treatment.

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