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Mail By Dogteam

Transporting Mail by dog team is a northern tradition. However it was in Canada, more than any other country in the world where the transport of mail using sled dogs was an integral part of life in the winter. It is not just a historical fact, it has become part of our culture, part of just who Canadians are as a people.

You can purchase your very own envelope and send it anywhere in the world. Purchases NOW CLOSED - order deadline Feb. 7, 24

* place your envelope in the special Dog Sled mail box at one of our outlets: Before noon February 7, 2024
Deadline if mailed at the Main Post Office downtown: Noon, February 8, 2024

Gold Rush Trail Sled Dog


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About the 2024 Artwork

The artwork on this 2024 envelope is an image in memory of Kim Verge, edited using both an image of Kim and a photo she took of one of her dogs. Kim was a vital part of the Mail Run for many years both as a participant and a volunteer. Kim demonstrated all of the best traits of mushing: toughness, energy, compassion, patience, strength, and community. Kim was always found helping others and encouraging new mushers. She cared fiercely about the dogs and their top-notch care. The mushing world can carry these lessons forward from Kim: to always prioritize the people and the animals over speed or accomplishments, to take those who are learning under your wing, and to always seek out fun.