The purpose of this contest is to  preserve those very special traditional skills and the resourcefulness that will ensure survival in the winter wilderness. 

Team size….five (5) people. Team members can be of either sex, all teams will compete against each other.

Number of Participating Teams….Five

Teams to be positioned in a large semi-circle, each behind their respective blocks of firewood. Each team will receive two blocks of dry pine firewood, one axe, a tin “billie” with wire handle, a frying pan, a china cup and saucer, a leg hold trap, a pair of snowshoes, a dog harness, some matches, a tea bag and the essential ingredients for making bannock…Note: team members may also use their pocket or sheath knife .

At the start, each team will participate in the following “static” skills competitions in the centre of the semi-circle…a different team member must demonstrate each of these skills. When the participant believes that they have accomplished the task they should call out to the judges….TIME!

The player that is first in completing each particular skill correctly will receive the most points (5) down to the slowest participant. There could be a 1-3 point deduction for any errors as determined by the judge.

The next section involves each team working together. Using the split firewood, their axe, pocket knives and the provided matches only, and on the command GO! They must begin the process of lighting a fire, melting snow and bringing the water to a boil, brewing tea in the billy can and making bannock in the frying pan. NO FIRE STARTERS OF ANY KIND WILL BE PERMITTED AND THERE MUST BE NOTHING ADDED TO EITHER THE TEA OR THE BANNOCK. Each team will state to the judges when they have BOTH the tea and bannock ready to serve to the judges and that will be their TIME for this part of the competition. The tea and bannock must be served piping hot to the judges.

The team that is first in completing this process will receive the most points (5) down to the slowest team. The tea/bannock combination that is judged to be the best will receive the most points (5) down to the tea/bannock judged to be the least desirable. There could also be a 1 - 3 point deduction (as determined by the judges) for any significant errors such as pine needles or wood chips floating in the tea or dirt on the bannock. Each team will be allotted three matches to start their fire. There will be a deduction of one point per match for any matches over the number 3 that will be used to light the fire.

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