Accommodations Options…Gold Rush Trail Sled Dog Mail Run…Jan. 23 – 26, 2020

The Mail Run takes place over four days and in the process runs over three separate trails in three separate locations. Over the course of the Mail Run weekend, participants and spectators must travel from Quesnel along Highway 26 through Cottonwood to Troll and on through Wells to Barkerville. For everyone, the question of just where to spend the night has to be addressed…..we hope that this ‘Mail Run Accommodations Run-Down’ will help.

Thursday night January 23rd the traditional ‘Musher’s Meeting’ (it should probably more correctly be called the ‘Participant’s Meeting’) will take place at the A&W on Two Mile Flat in Quesnel beginning at 5:00 p.m. It makes sense to spend Thursday night in Quesnel. Well located Motels that can accommodate sled dog teams include the Airport Inn Motel & RV Park (250 992-5942) and the Quality Inn & Suites (250 992-7247). If you are ‘self contained’ (i.e. if you have a trailer, camper or motorhome and don’t need hook-ups) there are numerous places to ‘park’ for the night, organizers can suggest a spot. If you have a trailer/camper/motorhome and also have sled dogs with you making it necessary to drop and feed dogs, you might want to spend the night at Umiti Pit… right at the start of the Day 1 (Friday) trail. Organizers can arrange for someone to come and pick you up on Friday morning to take you to the Swearing In Ceremony in downtown Quesnel, that way you wouldn’t have to move your trailer/camper/motor home as you would be camping right at the start of the Day #1 trail.

Friday January 24th will see all of the events taking place in Quesnel and immediate area, both during the day and in the evening. If you did have a good place to stay on Thursday night, we suggest that a good option would be to stay in the same place on Friday night.

On Saturday January 25th things move out to Troll Resort, 41 km from Quesnel, about a 45 minute drive. Saturday is a pretty full day (see Schedule of Events). Things at Troll get underway at 9:45 am., with the first dog team/skijorer out at 11:00 a.m. Fortunately there is a beautiful heated lodge at Troll, so keeping warm isn’t an issue….and neither is getting something to eat. For those with sled dogs, it is possible to do all dog chores in the parking lot, and with the evening social supper and auction taking place, Saturday is a relatively late night.

Although it is not impossible to drive back to Quesnel for the night, this would entail a 45 km. drive back to Quesnel and then on the following morning, a 100 km. drive from Quesnel to Wells/Barkerville. It would make for a very early morning on Sunday in order to get to Barkerville in time for the start of Stage 3.

There are now a couple of Tiny Homes as well as the large ‘Little Lodge’ for rent at Troll. For information go to and click on the ‘where to stay’ button or go to the AirBnb website. For those with self contained trailers, campers or motorhomes, it is possible to spend the night in the parking lot. There is now also a small winter ‘campsite’ across the highway from the main resort where it is possible to camp with a camper/trailer/motor home, call the resort (250 994-3200) for details. For a fee, electrical hook-ups are available as well as access to a shower. Finally, if desired, Troll management have said that Mail Run participants, their family and handlers are welcome to ‘crash’ overnight (on Saturday night) on the floor in the main lodge. Everyone must bring their own bedding and must be packed up and ready to move on before the skiers begin arriving on Sunday morning the 26th.

Another option for Saturday night accommodation would be to spend Saturday night in Wells, which is about a 45 minute drive from Troll at the end of the Saturday evening events. Wells/Barkerville will be the site of all of the events on Sunday January 26th.

There have been a few changes in Wells accommodation. The Hubs Motel has been sold and is now owned by the large gold mine in town and is used for employee accommodation. The best Wells accommodations resource to check is This website has information about all of the following Wells accommodations including contact information.

If you are self contained with a trailer, camper or motorhome, there are several spots in and around Wells where you would be able to park for the night along with a dog team.

Wells is also only a 10 minute drive from Barkerville which is where much of the action will take place on Sunday January 26th so you might want to consider staying in Barkerville for the night. You can get information about available accommodation in Barkerville by going to click on the ‘Places To Stay’ tab. It is important to note that most (but not all) of the advertised Barkerville accommodation is of the summer only variety. There are some winter cottage rental options and some guest house options in Barkerville.

After the wind-up of events on Sunday afternoon, people start thinking about heading home. However, if you plan to spend the night in the area, you can consider any of the Wells/Barkerville options that have already been discussed.

If there are any other questions or problems regarding accommodation, feel free to contact Mail Run organizers who will try to assist you.

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