Mushers' Sports Contest

Saturday Jan. 25 - at Troll

Mail Run organizers believe that it is very important that certain basic winter survival skills are perpetuated and at its genesis, that is really what the Musher’s Sports event is all about. Travelling on snowshoes, harnessing a dog team, finding dry wood, splitting kindling, laying a fire on the deep snow, lighting a fire with as few matches as possible and keeping it going, melting snow for water. These are all essential survival skills. Of course there is also the moose calling and the trap setting that may not be all that essential but certainly do add to the fun.

• During the Gold Rush Trail Sled Dog Mail Run….Saturday afternoon at Troll Resort, beginning at 2:00 p.m., beside the main lodge. This event will take place once all of the teams and other participants have completed the Mail Run for the day.

See the rules here for the Musher’s Sports, Go and check them out and if you have a 5 person team interested in participating in one of these events get in touch with Ric Raynor or Tony Parent at There are a very limited number of team spaces for each event.


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